The passing of this time

When the distances had narrowed and the isolation ended.

When we brought down the fences of social mistrust.

When we emerged again from behind our high walls and left the masks behind to mend the bridges that we burnt to keep our islands isolated.

When we pushed play again on normal life, and in the theatres of our mind watched the trailers of the future we had created,

We realized that everything had changed.

We had changed.

We had summited the mountain of our distress and gained the vantage to see the roads we had walked.

We had endured the struggle for foresight through the valleys of uncertainty and realized that those who walked together had the advantage.

We had not fallen down the mountain cleft when the roads of wisdom narrowed to a footpath, because we learned that looking up and ahead was better than looking down or behind.

Our faces were hid from one another for a time,

but our hearts…

Our hearts were towards each other.

We had learnt to smile by opening the windows of the soul and not just our mouths.

We allowed the winds of justice to blow through the caverns of our values and air out the dust of our prejudices.

We realized that a ring alone doesn’t bind for eternity.

We saw that the hues of what is sense, are not just black or white.

We understood that the mathematics of life was more complicated than what we first imagined.

All along we had tried to add one and one to make one- when we should have looked for the product of one and one.

We had learnt that the only way to keep what is most precious was to give it away. 

We had thought that to solve our problems was to divide ourselves from our fellow man rather than multiplying ourselves with him.

We had learnt to subtract fear from amongst ourselves and that we needed to start from a number that is bigger than the sum of us.

Though our desires were like solving for x,

and keeping courage a long division sum,

we knew that yielding to hopelessness would be to multiply by zero.

In a sense, we emerged from the fog of the pandemic, drenched with the mud and the mire of a centuries-old bloody battle.

We came out battered and bruised but unbroken.

We were never again the same.

Together we balanced the scales of justice because we adopted the orphaned dreams that some brave souls dreamt in their six by nines.

Men lowered their hands towards their women, and busied themselves with the work of raising their men.

Young and old snuffed out the smoldering butts of indifference on which they drew, to kindle anew the fires that warm a home.

We sobered from the intoxication of anger and pride, in the hope that we will one-day chime the glasses of philadelphia and sip the portions of bubbling compassion.

Through this time, we emerged weary but stronger.

We emerged a nation reborn. 

We emerged a people renewed. 

We emerged, all persons restored.

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