About me

Zulu by nature, African by nurture.

I hail from The Midlands, amongst the rolling hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal, in a small farming village called Richmond/ eLovu. Firstborn of my father (the 9th (of 12) child of his father) and my mother (daughter number 6 of 10), the original imbogodo.

My English twangs because of the former model-C schools that I grew up in. I am married to my gorgeous best-friend- an imported Congolese who gave me 3 kids. We live together in the Pretoria (ePitoli), South Africa (eMzansi).

I blog about marriage, manhood, masculinity and all issues concerning men. I dabble in poetry, philosophy, psychology, mental wellness and quantum physics amongst other things- things I am curious about but am no expert in.

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, transformation, photography, connecting people and winning in life.

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