My Rugby Journey, Part 2- The Red, Black and White Jersey

One of the first games in that 1999 season was a fixture against Michaelhouse. It was in the early years of televised schools games of Maritzburg College . This was in the early days of televised school rugby games. At that time I was not selected for the 1st XV team, but for the 2nd XV. Playing for the second side was still a worthy achievement, but not the chief prize.

My Rugby Journey, Part 1- The Blue Jersey

One morning, at my new school of probably 3 months, we were required to select a sport for that new term. I had desperately hoped that soccer was one of the options, but alas…rugby and hockey (I think) were the choices. Wesley, a friend and class-mate suggested that I try rugby. “What’s that” I said. “Come to practice tomorrow and I’ll show you”. My response…“okay!”.

The fight of every black man

It means that black men should focus on fathering their children and preparing them for their futures. It is not our fault (mostly) that whites forced my generation to grow up without fathers in the home- that we were not taught/shown how to budget, how to love a woman, protect our children etc. However, our future demands us to lay down the shields of self-preservation, escape the grip of the Zamalek, put rings on the mothers of our children and raise them to be daughters and sons who are prepared for life.